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Where to buy certified pre-owned vehicles in San Antonio, TX

Friday, July 29th, 2016
Where to buy certified pre-owned vehicles in San Antonio TX

Used cars are a great alternative for vehicle buyers who want to save a few bucks and don’t need all of the advanced features of a brand new car. For something in between these two options, shoppers can turn to certified pre-owned models. Unlike typical used cars, certified used cars must pass a detailed inspection and have under a certain number of miles in order to be certified. If you are curious where to buy certified pre-owned vehicles in San Antonio, TX, then you’re in luck. (more…)

Where to buy quality used trucks in San Antonio

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015
Used trucks San Antonio TX

Used trucks for sale San Antonio, TX

A pickup is a piece of American iconography that many drivers dream of owning from a very young age. When the price of a brand new truck is difficult manage, drivers turn to Ingram Park Auto Center for the best used trucks in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas. Drivers throughout the state of Texas can truly benefit from owning a pickup truck. From challenging road conditions and work tasks to leisure-filled summers, the state is ideal for owning a vehicle that can handle anything. Whether a prospective truck owner needs the vehicle for its strength or ease, there is an appropriate vehicle available at Ingram Park Auto Center. (more…)

Used Nissan for sale in San Antonio

Monday, April 20th, 2015
Used Nissan San Antonio TX

Used Nissan San Antonio, TX

Drivers on the hunt for the perfect used Nissan in San Antonio, TX can turn to Ingram Park Auto Center as their resource for quality pre-owned vehicles At Ingram Park Auto Center we strive to connect prospective car buyers to their ideal vehicles at prices that accommodate their financial needs. We offer a full inventory of used Nissan vehicles that can be accessed throughout the San Antonio area. From the Altima to the Pathfinder, drivers will be able to get behind their ideal vehicle from a dealership they trust. (more…)

Fuel less, save more with fuel-efficient used cars

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Fuel-efficient used cars San Antonio TX

Fuel-efficient Used CarsFuel economy is one of the most sought-after attributes for car shoppers. Owning a fuel -efficient car is ideal for drivers who commute to work every day or who often travel for business. When you see a vehicle with outstanding fuel economy, you immediately think about the long-term savings you’ll experience over time. With a vast selection of fuel-efficient used cars in San Antonio, TX, you can save money in the long run, but also in the short term.

As you do you research for a fuel-efficient used car in San Antonio TX, we offer a variety of online segmentation tools to help you narrow your search. First, we provide a section of our inventory specifically for vehicles that achieve more than 30 miles per gallon. While you are searching within that group, you can narrow your search further by choosing any of the categories in the left side bar. (more…)

Used Car Deals plentiful at IPAC Auto

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Used Cars in San Antonio

used cars in San Antonio

The Nissan Cube offers a unique body style for those looking to stand out.

Budgets just aren’t for governments and old people anymore. Everyone has to watch where their dollars are spent. IPAC Auto is ready to help the cash-conscious purchase reliable used cars in San Antonio with less hassle or having to ask your parents for money. (more…)